About TechCtrl

In today’s world technology plays an ever increasing role in our business and personal lives.  In fact, how well you leverage technology in your company, as well as your personal life, can be a major component of how successful your business and career are.

TechCtrl looks at problems as opportunities masked as challenges.

TechCtrl (pronounced Tech Control) was founded to provide a holistic approach to technology and business.  We do this by using our extensive experience of over 30 years with technology and pairing it with over 20 years of real-world business experience in a corporate environment, 10 years of which was spent running day-to-day operations of a multi-million dollar corporation.

We offer this experience and knowledge to our clientele by looking at problems as opportunities masked as challenges.  We find the opportunity and capitalize on it for our clients.

You won’t hear technobabble out of us.  We understand business.  We understand service.  And we understand the bottom line.  We provide real solutions that work for your betterment.

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Mission Statement of TechCtrl